Why This Cat Is More Relevant Than Your Money Making System

You may have seen the image of the “I Can Has Cheezburger” cat before.

It was created in 2007 by a guy in Hawaii and his girlfriend, who took the theme of “cats doing stuff” and turned it into a blog featuring even more “cats doing stuff.”

The blog sold for $2 million just nine months after inception.

Why do I bring this up?

Because, at first glance it seems outright INSANE that a blog with pictures of cats with funny captions would be that popular and eventually sell for that kind of loot cat blog.

People work for YEARS in some businesses creating a money making system and most never make even a TENTH of the blog’s sale price.

So why was it so popular? You ever look at cats doing stuff? They’re cute! They make people smile. You want to stare at them because of the way they make you feel.

They’re non-threatening. They aren’t asking for anything other than your love and attention.

Personally I’m a dog person, but there’s nothing wrong with cats.

Cats mind their own business. Cats are clean. Cats are quiet. Cats are peaceful.

But it’s not the cats that really draw people to the site. You can find pictures of cats in other places online.

Why This Cat is More Relevant Than Your Money Making System

The site appeals to people. It’s funny. It makes the smile. It makes them feel a certain way and appeals to their emotions. It helps folks to relax a bit.

You know where I’m going with this. It’s the opposite of how many people present their money making system.

I’ve come across some people who almost jump down your throat with their money making system. Before you can get a word in they’ve told me:

It’s a ground floor money making system
It’s growing FAST
The products are great
The comp plan is the best
The team of leaders are fantastic
It’s exciting! Thrilling! Spectacular!

“By the way, what’s your name again?”

By the time they’re done, I feel like Prince in his song “Alphabet Street” – I’m not really in the mood – I’d rather just watch…

So what is actually relevant?

Tell me how the business will help me achieve my goals.

Back up a sec… what ARE my goals???

Do you even care? Did you stop to ask?

Maybe I don’t even like coffee or juice or magic crystals or tie died gangbanger 3-some conference call “Ain’t It Great” Special Edition lotion packs…

What’s relevant and what make the average person smile is knowing that the person they’re talking with actually took the time to find out what motivates them AND THEN checked to see if their money making system could help them.

That would get some attention. It might even help you create your own community of followers who see you as a leader who took the time to help them individually.

A community of people who care about your central theme, whether it’s a cat or a dog or lotion or juice or phone service or whatever your money making system happens to be.

And that community might be worth a lot more than $2 million to you.

And I don’t even eat cheeseburgers.


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