What Is A United Airlines Mile Worth And Collecting Them

I thought I would take a look at another airline rewards program. This time it is the United Airlines Mileage Plus Program. After doing some calculations I valued one of the United Airlines Miles to be worth 1.28 cents or $0.0128 when you redeem your miles for flights and up to 5 cents or $0.05 when redeeming for restaurant certificates. I know that seems like a small number especially with how many decimal places I have gone to, but they add up when you are talking tens of thousands of miles to fly somewhere.

Keep in mind when I say the 1.28 cents/mile is for flights that is a rough estimate based off of a flight I found (the cheapest flight for specific dates as well). Using it for other rewards will also change its value. I find travel is one of the worst uses for it in terms of monetary value. Entertainment rewards are usually the largest value/mile (probably because of the high markup with their prices). Using mileage plus miles for restaurant certificates on Restaurant.com, it appears that you can get anywhere from 2.5 cents/mile to 5 cents/mile. Significantly higher value for your Mileage Plus mile http://headquarterscomplaints.org.

I was not able to check electronics as they are not immediately accessible anyways until you reach Elite status. You collect Mileage Plus miles a variety of ways as well.

What Is The Value Of A United Airlines Mile?


I priced out a flight from New York to Los Angeles and back using Mileage Plus miles and just paying for it regularly. To try and be a bit more fair, I found the cheapest flight I could for a one week round trip as well.

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