Water Testing Methods: Analysing Water Using ION Concentration Testers

Ion concentration testing equipment is used for numerous applications including laboratory research, soil testing, waste water testing, food processing, water cooler testing, aquariums, aquaculture and hydroponics.

There are two main types of testers for measuring ION concentration; the handheld, portable ION tester and the laboratory, bench ION tester.

Handheld, portable ION concentration testers have a price range of between £200 and £250. These testers are preferable for using out in the field and are conveniently powered by batteries. These models utilise automatic temperature compensation and a memory feature which ensures that readings are retained when the device is switched off. Users will also find recording readings easy as the instrument has a convenient ‘hold’ function which freezes results on the screen. Self diagnostic error messages add to the convenience of these models and the large, LCD screens provide a way of seeing readings clearly from a distance. Handheld, ION concentration testers generally have a robust protective sleeve which helps to stop the meter receiving any damage iBT200 12V-24V Automotive Battery Tester B08CZKTCDF.

The other type of ION testers are the laboratory bench ION concentration testers. These retail at around £500 and are used for laboratory work and general water quality testing. These devices are high performance yet are relatively inexpensive so they appeal to a large variety of businesses. Laboratory bench ION testers have extensive memory stores and save and recall up to 50 different data records (depending on the model / brand). Accuracy is assured by the machines built in automatic temperature compensation which stabilises the readings under fluctuating temperatures. The bench meter also has a similar ‘hold’ function to the handheld ION meter and also features the self diagnostic error messages. User friendly icons and a large, clear LCD screen make the bench meter both easy to use and read. Specific models of the bench ION concentration tester come equipped with a slide out instruction card. These devices are powered by both 9Vdc adapters and batteries.

There are also other testers available which are not exclusively for testing ION concentration but have this as an additional feature. Some pH laboratory bench meters do this but are twice the price of ION testers. If users do decide to purchase the Ph/ION testers, they do have many additional features so are worth the extra expense if you require an exceptionally high performance machine.

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