Realize Beauty, Joy and Peace Flying in American Airlines

American Airlines has eighty six years of long history when the first DH-4 biplane flew from Chicago to St. Louis undertaking a US airmail contract in 1926. Later in 1930, many small airline companies were acquired by Aviation Corporation, which were eventually consolidated to form American Airways. Hence, the airline, which is the collection of 82 small airlines was renamed American Airlines in 1934. Based at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, the airline, which is a subsidiary enterprise of AMR Corporation, runs its services to more than 260 destinations across Asia/Pacific, Europe, the Caribbean, North America, and South America

Being the fifth largest airline in the world in terms of operating revenues and the number of passengers traveled, this leading airline of America is recognized for its wide network of international and domestic destinations. Along with its subsidiaries, American Eagle and American Connection, it operates from five major hubs at Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago, Miami, New York and Los Angeles.

The passengers of this airline can enjoy three types of cabin classes on long-haul international flights. They are the First Class, Business Class and Main Cabin. However, the domestic flights extend only the Business Class and Main Cabin. The First Class comes with swivel, flat-bed seats with enough space; the Business Class also has lie flat seat with lumbar support and footrest for maximum comforts. The Economy Class, on the other hand, has a generously sized se at with in-flight entertainment.

American Airlines Online Booking
The airline offers exclusive web portal to its customers to plan a trip, book tickets and know about the flights. It has many facilities like book online, travel offers, travel information, AAdvantage, onboard and customer service. The American Airlines online booking facility helps you get the flight and seat availability before booking the ticket. All you have to do is to fill in a few details like the names of origin and departure airports, date of depart and return and number of passengers.

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