Keeping Your Baby Safe in Your Home

Having a baby can be overwhelming all in it’s own but one thing you must take very serious is baby proofing your home to keep your little bundle of joy as safe as can be. There are lots of large and small things you can do to ease your mind retractable baby gate B07WFWY1P9.

Make sure that all the outlets in your home are covered with outlet covers to stop the risk of electrocution. I would even get in the habit of putting them in outlets that are out of reach of small children as well.
Install not only smoke detectors but also carbon monoxide detectors.
Get furniture guards for all sharp corners in your home including the hearth around fireplaces.
Strap all heavy furniture to the walls so a child can not climb on them and pull them down on top of them.
This may sound silly but get on your hands and knees and look around your home like you were a child and see if you see things that could pose a danger to child.
Always keep plastic bags from the grocery store out of your child’s reach but keep them handy for yourself and really stinky, dirty diapers.
Post the number for Poison Control 1-800-222-1222 and have a first aid kit filled and handy in case of accidents.
Secure all cabinets and drawers in the home with safety latches so little ones can get their hands on cleaning supplies, medicines, alcohol and more.
Keep houseplants away from children in case they are poisonous.
Install a baby gate at the foot and top of all stairways to prevent tumbles.
Make sure that stair railings do not have a gap of more than 3.5 inches.
Never leave your child unattended on the bed, couch, changing table or any other furniture for they can fall and get hurt.
Tie up all cords from blinds, drapes and such to stop the risk of strangulation.
Try and get a washer and dryer with a child lock so your child can not climb inside or place something else inside.
All of these things can save the life of your child so take them time to do them properly.

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