Educating English as a Overseas Language – Talking of Hamburgers

Perception right into a Overseas Tradition

One wonderful perception right into a overseas tradition is thru its meals. For instance, ask virtually any English as a overseas language learner, “What do People eat?” and their response may be very prone to be, “hamburgers, scorching dogs and French fries”. Actually there’s much more to American meals than that. (They neglected the beer and smooth pretzels.) Such sweeping generalizations are usually approach incorrect by a landslide.

It could most positively be grossly incorrect to say that they eat solely arepas, espresso and sancocho in Colombia or that Mexicans eat beans and tortillas and even that Germans drink beer, eat sausages and sauerkraut. How about saying that the Japanese eat principally fish, rice and tea or that Jamaicans scarf down principally Pink Stripe beer, ackee, jerked pork and salt fish? Whereas these and different typical meals examples could also be true to some small extent, they’re hardly gospel.

Talking of Hamburgers …

However talking of hamburgers, when John Chow posted on his weblog that “Wally’s was Closing Its Doorways” it flashed me again to the supply of hamburgers right here in Cali, Colombia. Many main American quick meals chains keep a presence in Bogotá, Colombia’s capitol metropolis. Nonetheless, right here within the south of the nation, Cali has however a naked few greek restaurant.

Domino’s Pizza, Dunkin Donuts and Pizza Hut but stay. When the three McDonald’s areas that had been in Cali all of the sudden closed about three years in the past, the Caleños had been left with out the advantage of that bastion of American quick meals. You’ll be able to nonetheless get an honest burger right here and there at chosen quick meals areas with onions, tomato, lettuce, sauces and “the works”, however nothing like a Massive Mac or its brethren. It was a blow to English language instructing Expats right here in Cali, Colombia.

Dropping an Establishment

Though I’ve by no means tried a “Tremendous Burger” at High’s Restaurant or been to Wally’s (or Vancouver for that matter), I understand how it feels to lose an establishment you grew up with. For me it is Nick’s foot-long submarines on Washington Boulevard in south Baltimore.

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