Don’t Believe the Online Poker Analyzer

You probably shouldn’t be playing online poker. You might think this is a rather odd statement considering I have written more than 200 articles regarding tactics and strategies for actually playing and winning online poker in the low limits 엑스포커 가입코드.

The current economic situation as we know it now, has had profound effect on families all over the world, where people now find themselves in stressful financial situations and have one or even both parents at home in search of new jobs. Of course the internet is a good place to start searching, but unscrupulous marketers are also online, just waiting for people who NEED to make money.

When it comes to poker, it’s really nothing new to see exaggerated claims of success simply by reading an eBook or downloading some kind of poker bot software, but now such marketers seem even more ruthless in targeting newcomers to online poker with irrational claims of success.

Today I went to a website to review new poker software only find horrendous claims of winnings, people retiring or quitting, or routing opponents on their way to a big tournament win. This website also had video reviews who were clearly actors reading from a script claiming they had a good life now with no work, new homes and cars, and burgeoning bank accounts, this in spite of the fact that the product has just been released, and nobody in the REAL poker world has even heard of it. The Online Poker Analyzer also warns “Don’t win more than $400 a day so as not to alert the poker sites security”. Oh please.

The truth of the matter is that such marketers of products that choose to inflate – no, create stories of success are hiding behind a moderate or even poor product and have no qualms whatsoever about taking money from a family that may really need it. Now if you do fall for such claims, I really can’t help you and you likely deserve to lose money in online poker. Don’t forget, the huge majority of players lose money online., but those that are winners will be waiting for you and your online poker analyzer.

The bottom line is, you probably shouldn’t be playing online poker right now if you are tight for money and you especially shouldn’t be learning it on a limited budget. This might also be a good time to remind people to research a product before purchasing as well.

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